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Krishna -  Animated Short Stories
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Krishna - Animated Short Stories

Year: 2006 Format: DVD
Price: Rs.150.00
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Details of Krishna - Animated Short Stories

Krishna - Animated Short Stories
Super Audio [Madras] Pvt Ltd
Track listings:
Protector, Warrior, King, Hero, Legend…Krishna is all this and more to millions of his devoted followers around the world. These stories include a divine incarnation, a pastoral childhood and his life as a heroic warrior and teacher. KRISHNA AND KING ARASANDHA This story explains how Lord Krishna heard King Yudhishthira’s request to perform rajasuya yagya and then how tactfully Lord Krishna helped Bheema to defeat King Jarasandha, son of king Brihadratha. KRISHNA AND KING NARIGA This story describes how Lord Krishna released King Nriga from a curse and instructed the royal order as well as the general mass of people, on the dangers of stealing a Brahman’s property. KRISHNA & KING PAUNDARAKA This story related how Lord Krishna killed the foolish kind Paundraka and his friend Kasiraja, and how the Lord’s Sudarsana disc killed, a fiery demon created by king kasi’s son. KRISHAN AND JAMBHAVAN This story describes how Lord Krishna recovered the Syamantaka jewel to allay false accusations against him and married the daughters of Jambavan and Satrajit. KRISHNA AND SUDHAMA This story tells how Lord Krishna worshiped his brahmana friend Sudama, who came to his palace seeking charity and how he bestowed upon him wealth greater than that of the King of heaven. KRISHNA AND DEMON VRIKA This story describes how Lord Krishna saved Lord Shiva by assuming a brahmachari form and killed the demon Vrika, the son of Sankuni and devotee of Lord Shiva who misused the boon. KRISHNA AND NARAGASUR This story tells how Lord Krishna killed Narakasura, the son of the earth goddess, he created chaos in the heavens and mother Aditi’s earring. KRISHNA SAVES DRAUPADI This story describes how Lord Krishna saves draupadi, wife of Pandavas by protecting her when she was abused by Dusshassana and Duryodhana’s in the royal court.


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Krishna -  Animated Short Stories
DVD 10022 | Rs.150.00

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