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Learn to Sing Hindustani Vocal - 2
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Learn to Sing Hindustani Vocal - 2

Year: 2011 Format: DVD
Price: Rs.350.00
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Details of Learn to Sing Hindustani Vocal - 2

Learn to Sing Hindustani Vocal - 2
Learn to Sing Classical Vocal
Super Audio [Madras] Pvt Ltd
Track listings:
The Hindustani Music that developed during the Moghul 15th and 16th century AD is based on the rich Indian tradition. Amir Khusro was a scholar poet and musicologist of rare talent in the court of Allauddin Khilji 13th century AD is credited with the introduction of new forms and styles in Hindustani music, which are still in practice today. Hindustani music is based on the raga system. Raag is the intricate system of scales and associated melodic patterns. In their numerical ratios, the scales and melodic patterns correspond with moods, colors, seasons and hours of day and night. This time theory, which governs the raags, is a unique feature of Hindustani music. The main architect of the existing system of Hindustani music was Pandit V N Bhatkhande who was responsible for the classification of the Ragas into the 10 that’s. An important landmark in Hindustani music was the establishment of gharanas under the patronage of princely states. A gharana is more a school of thought than an institution. Each of the gharanas developed distings facets and styles of presentation and performance. A Hindustani musician by professiona, Dr.Ramdesh pande is a renowned vocalist of new generation and an artist of commendable talent. Shri Chepe Shri Panake and Pt. Prabhakar Deshkar initiated dr.Ramdeshpande in classical music. Later he was fortunate to receive guidance from Pt.Yashwant Bua Joshi and Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar of Gwalior and jaipur Gharanas. He has also received tutelage from Pt.Babanrao Haldankar of Agra Gharana and Pt.Yeshwant Mahale of Bhatkhande parampara. Dr.ramdeshpande has excelled academically with post graduate degree in music from Nagpur University with gold medal. He is an A Graded artist of Akashwani and Doordarshan and has performed several prestigious musical platforms in India and all over the world. 1. Introduction 2. Exercises and Paltas 3. About Kayal Gayaki 4. Process of Singing Kayal Gayaki 5. Concert Pattern.


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Learn to Sing Hindustani Vocal - 2
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