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Year: 2005 Format: CD
Price: Rs.200.00
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Music Therapy / Meditation Music
Super Audio Madras Pvt Ltd
Track listings:
1. Pleasant tunes transfers good vibrations in the atmosphere 2. Music acts on our mind before being transformed into thought and feeling 3. Music influences the lower and higher cerebral centers of the brain 4. Use of music as a therapy helps search of an individual’s personal harmony 5. Music therapy is an important tool in the treatment of both psychological and psychosomatic disorders. 6. Music therapy stimulates good vibrations in the nerves of the listeners 7. Music brings about a sense of mental well being in individuals 8. Music therapy helps to clear the junked thought in mind, which leads to have positive frame of mind 9. Music therapy enhances the concentration level of children 10. Effect of music on the behavior is enormous 11. Music improves the capacity of planning 12. Music training helps to express refined exhibition of emotions and clarity in cognition too 13. Music therapy stimulates beta cell activities The present day negative stress leads to many physiological problems. It comes to surface by affecting the physiological functions of one or more organs either temporarily or permanently. Heart and Pancreas are the easily affected organs. In the Diabetic, the carbohydrate supply of the liver is low, due to deficient storage primarily as a consequence of lack of insulin. Because of that lack, sugar cannot pass from the blood into the liver and other cells that require it; thus blood sugar level is high. The sugar in the form of complex carbohydrate (glycogen), which is released into the blood stream on demand-the demand typically being the action of epinephrine. Classical music as a refined sound stimulates the “Beta Cell” activity in the organ and ensures normality over a period in all aspects. In emotional situations, blood sugar level is often affected. Classical music helps to present the quality of neurotransmitters-epinephrine in a subtle manner. Music plays a wonderful role in this aspect. The selected ragas given in this album are very special with its effects with regard to its notes/swaras and the way it been essayed. The research has been carried out by Dr.T.Mythily, PhD, a Research Scholar, a Clinical Psychologist, and Music Therepist. A doctoral degree holder in psychology with classical music and its therapeutic values for the improvement in the behavior. She is a graded artist by AIR a performing vocalist, disciple of the perfoming phenomena of the century, world celebrity, the legend Padmavibhshan Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna. At presents she is the Director of the Music Therapy Department, Apollo Hospital Greams Road, and Chennai-600006. India.


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