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Tales From Panchatantra Stories
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Tales From Panchatantra Stories

Year: 2007 Format: DVD
Price: Rs.150.00
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Details of Tales From Panchatantra Stories

Tales From Panchatantra Stories
Super Audio [Madras] Pvt Ltd
Track listings:
Welcome to the Fabulous world of the panchatantras! Come to join gopi as his grandfather takes him into this fascinating world of talking lions clever foxes and crying cranes and sly jackals with four curious tales of morality told through these fascinating animal character MONKEY AND THE CROCODILE A friendly Crocodile, a scheming crocodile wife and a clever monkey come together. Can they ever be friends? LION AND RABBIT A tale of a little rabbit getting the better of a wicked lion and becoming the saviour of the entire jungle. CRANE AND THE CRAB The story of how a brave crab with his wife, saves the inhabitants of the pond from the evil crane. THREE FISHES The tale of three fish, all living in the same pond yet so very different. A difference that would cost them dearly. MUSICAL DONKEY A stubborn old donkey that refuses to stop singing! But does everyone share his enthusiasm? THE BLUE JACKAL Is the tale of a jackal that falls into a tub of dye and how he makes use of his special position thereon? THE WISE GANDER A tale of how a wise old gander teaches snickering geese a valuable lesson and thereby saves their lives. TALKING CAVE This is the story of a clever fox outwitting a ferocious lion using nothing but his sharp mind as a weapon. CRANE BABIES This story revolves around a desperate crane mother repeatedly trying to save her children from a cruel cobra.


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Tales From Panchatantra Stories
DVD 10036 | Rs.150.00

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