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Year: 2007 Format: DVD
Price: Rs.150.00
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Super Audio [Madras] Pvt Ltd
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Tenali Raman was a Telugu poet and a jester at Kind Krishnadevaraya’s court in Vijayanagara. These stories emphasize his ready wit and intellectual capabilities. Stories in these series clearly show how. Through his sheet intelligence and skills, a poor lad called Ramalingam of Tenali gained entry to the court of King Krishnadevaraya RAMAN OF TENALI This story clearly demonstrates Tenali Raman’s intelligence and ready wit, which amused the almighty Goddess Kali. His wit only earns him Kali’s blessings but her boons as well. OUTWITTED THIEVES In this story, Tenali Raman outwits a band of thieves and makes them work for him. When the King hears this amusing tale, he gifts Tenali with a bag of gold for diverting his careladen mind for a few moments. MATCHLESS WIT Raman though not educated was a highly intellectual being. In this story, he tackles and defeats pandits and learned persons with his knowledge. RAMAN AND HIS HORSE Raman who was very dear to the king had a jealous enemy by the name of Rajaguru. In this story Raman teaches Rajguru a lesson when he tries to spoil his name. RAMAN IN DELHI Tenali managed to garner a name for himself in the south. When he was invited to match wits with the Emperor Akbar’s courtier Birbal, he readily accepted the challenge and went to Delhi. In this story, he outwits Birbal and makes him reward him three times over. GOLDEN MANGOES In this story, Raman not only teaches Rajguru and the court pandits a lesson but also outwits the King who readily agreed to Rajguru’s word without thinking. TENALIRAMA AND A WRESTLER This is the story of how Tenali, with his wit and intelligence, saves the honor of Vijayanagar form a mere wrestler. CAT THAT HATES THE MILK Once again, in this story, Tenali teaches Krishnadevaraya a lesson when he heeds his minister’s words without thinking. SHARING OF PRICE In this story, Tenali cleverly identifies the guards who demand a bribe and also manages to escape punishment form the king by sharing it among the guards. VELLED RAMAN In this story too, like the others, the jealous Rajguru, tries to get rid of Tenali Raman but in vain. With his presence of mind, Tenali escape punishment and amuses king Krishnadevaraya with his witty ways.


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