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Yoga For Health And Well Being
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Yoga For Health And Well Being

Year: 2005 Format: DVD
Price: Rs.300.00
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Details of Yoga For Health And Well Being

Yoga For Health And Well Being
English, French, Spanish
Super Audio [Madras] Pvt Ltd
Track listings:
Pranayama, the science of controlled, conscious expansion of Prana (the life force) is the fourth limb of classical Yoga. The art and science of Pranayama has immense therapeutic potential in a wide range of psychosomatic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma. It can be used either as a monotherapy or in combination with Asanas and other aspects of Yoga. Pranayama is of vital importance to any sincere yoga practitioner trying to achieve the state of Yoga. Unless the mind is controlled, the higher aspects of yoga are not possible and the best and only way to really control the mind is by regular, dedicated and determined practice of Pranayama with awareness, consciousness and purity of thought, word and deed. 1. Sitting Postures for Pranayama 2. Vibhaga Pranayama (Sectional Breathing) 3. Mudras for Pranayama (Gestures for Pranayama) 4. Hathenas: Asanas to Help Breathe Better 5. Cleansing Breaths 6. Activation Pranayamas 7. Cooling Pranayamas 8. Pranayamas for Contemplation and Meditation 9. Panoramas for Stress Relief and Relaxation


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Yoga For Health And Well Being
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